February Update 2015

2015-02-02 20:25:08 by HappyWhaleStudios

Alright, so all those promises we made for 2014? You may notice we didn't keep any of them. However! 2015 is going to be different. This time around, I'm not going to set any specific deadlines because there's so much going on with all of us that it's hard to get any single thing done quickly. So here is a rundown of all the games we intend to make in the near future!

Keeper of the Chromolith

Keeper of the Chromolith is a 2D Puzzle-Platformer RPG, kinda like if you took the Legend of Zelda and made it a platformer (But not Link 2!). Filled with action and a dark underlying story, this quirky game will puzzle you with multidirectional physics and choices of allegiance that make you question everything you stand for. But it's fun, too!

Princess Parasol

Princess Parasol is a Hop 'n Bop Platformer that will kind of serve as an intro to KotCH (^That thing^) with lighthearted art and fun unlockable items. More of a way to show people that we mean business, this game will show off our ability to make a full game, rather than just a Flash game on Newgrounds that lasts about 30 minutes.


Cape is an aetherial concept Platformer in which you play as a character with half of a cape that is used to deflect projectiles (You know, like Mario's in Sunshine or whatever). You bounce back everything enemies throw at you and dig deeper into a story about the cape's origins and its creators.

Super Squadrant

NOT A PLATFORMER! WOW! Super Squadrant is a, well, I don't really know what genre I'd put it in. You play against another person online, shooting down each others' bases and sending out soldiers as you do. Kinda like Age of War, but not. You'll just have to see it to understand exactly what it is.

Coffee Run!

Yeah, this is still on our list! Don't know why we never got around to finishing it in the first place and I know even less why we're so unmotivated to finish it. Like seriously, it wouldn't take long for us to just buckle down and make it. But we'll get around to it. Keep your eyes peeled.

February Update

2014-02-01 20:24:15 by HappyWhaleStudios

Well, as you can see, January has come and gone, and still no sign of Coffee Run. Midterms took a lot of time away from us, and a lot of us are just working on other things, Coffee Run is pretty back-burner for now. Our game Western Target Practice, which is really my game, premiered about two weeks ago, it was just sitting on my harddrive so I figured I'd show you guys what some of my older stuff looks like. As for the future, here's a nice little list of the projects I'm working on:

  • Coffee Run - 2D Side-scrolling run 'n jump
  • An Isometric RPG game with no title
  • A violence heavy platformer
  • An aetherial concept platformer

So that's what I've made progress on in the past few weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to release one of the these four soon, the violence heavy platformer, tentatively titled "Experiment 17" can hopefully be finished within the month, so keep an eye on the portal for that!

January Update

2014-01-05 17:27:28 by HappyWhaleStudios

Happy new year, everyone! Our game, Coffee Run!, is on its way, but we're still tweaking things to make sure that it's as good as it can be. In the mean time, we're starting some side projects that can hopefully make their way on here maybe even before Coffee Run! Keep an eye on our profile because we should hopefully have something for you to play very soon!

December Update

2013-12-03 23:03:17 by HappyWhaleStudios


We haven't really been very active on here recently, and that's because we severely underestimated the amount of time it would take us to make our first game, "Coffee Run!". We're still in the development process, mainly designing levels, but with all of us still being in high school, we don't really have much time to work on games. Hopefully, Coffee Run! will be ready to play sometime in January, that's what we're aiming for now, but who knows. Anyways, stay tuned for future updates, I think we'll start making them monthly. See you in January!


2013-02-20 21:59:59 by HappyWhaleStudios

Hi there! We are Happy Whale Studios, an independent game company forming out of Cleveland, Ohio. We're just starting off now, and thought that Newgrounds was a great place to start. Pretty soon we'll have our own site up and running giving you blog updates about new releases and such, so I hope you'll check us out! Our first game on here should be out by around May, we're only just in the very beginnings of the process, all we have is an idea for mechanics, no plot or theme or anything, but it already looks awesome and I hope you guys will like it too. We'll post updates about it as the project comes nearer to completion. Thanks!